Studying has been tough but worthwhile

I never knew how to study for a standardized test. My teachers never really prepared me for how to take tests. I knew some of my classmates had excellent test taking skills, but I always wondered why my teachers never prepared me like other teachers prepared them. Therefore, I would do terribly on tests. It wasn’t fair. I was jealous of my other classmates because their guessing skills were better than mine. And they could usually guess the right answer with barely any studying.

Since I’ve started studying for the lsat, that insecurity has begun to slowly disappear. I’ve found myself getting better at taking tests. And my confidence has went up a little. I can’t say I’m great at the test yet, but I know I’ve improved a lot.

I love being married

I recently got married and I never really announced it to anyone. I’ve just kind of kept it to myself because I want to make it special for my husband and I. He’s the love of my life and he’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I recently stopped hiding it because I want everyone to know that I am so happy being married. I am literally ecstatic to be his wife. And I feel like being married to him feels so right. I love him. Just wanted to share this special moment with my blog!

It’s okay to take care of yourself

I think it’s taboo for people to think about their own ambitions and goals. We are all trained to think about others before ourselves and what happens when we’re not happy? I’m saying that it is completely fine to take some time for yourself. You have to be aware of the fact that your mental health should be your top priority. You are important. Don’t forget that.

I’ve been taking time to sleep more and to work on myself. I’ve been studying for the lsat constantly, working more to make money, and I’ve been taking care of my happiness. Yes, I might be considered selfish but I don’t care. I can’t make other people happy if my health is in horrible shape. Selfishness is okay! Live a happy life and do what you want. Be happy!

Small blogs still get views :)

As you all may know, I have some other blogs that I’ve had for awhile now and I update them often. I’ve noticed that these smaller blogs of mine get little traffic and I never expected them to show up on search engines. I’ve started to notice that my blogs are showing up on search engines! I’m so excited. Writing blogs and sticking with it will lead to great rewards 🙂 don’t give up!

An Update

I’m still surprised that I’ve been blogging for awhile now and I’m still writing. My friends that wanted to start a blog never blogged for more than a month. I think I’m the longest blogger in my friend group and I’m proud of myself. It’s not easy to commit to doing something for a long time. I committed to learning the piano and the double bass for many years. There must be something in my personality that allows me to stick with things long term.

I’ve written hundreds of blog posts and I will never get tired of blogging. There’s something exciting about seeing the feedback people have from reading your content. And I enjoy reading other people’s content too. You can find my posts everywhere. I’m surprised that my really old posts are still being read, but I’m very glad. What do you like about blogging?

Judgmental People

I’ve learned something about judgmental people. They thrive off of knowing facts about people so they can compare themselves to them. They have to know that they are better and it puts them at ease to know that they are better in any aspects.

That is why I don’t like telling people many facts about me. I don’t like sharing too much information because I’m not looking for approval. I don’t ask other people about their lives either. I am completely oblivious at times of other people’s stuff. I just focus on myself and that makes me happy.

There are people though that love to know a lot about me. I don’t see what is so interesting. I teach piano and I am studying for law school. I’m not the president. I’m not a celebrity. That’s why I don’t understand why I am the topic of other people’s discussions. They’ll downplay my achievements and boost themselves up.

I think I’m okay with it. I shouldn’t think about this because I have so many things to do. My life is filled with friends and responsibilities. And I’m happy. I need to learn to be comfortable and not care when judgmental people talk about me. I’m going to keep looking straight and just stick to minding my own business.

Review of The Good Place

I’ve recently began watching The Good Place on Netflix and it has quickly become one of my favorite shows. The first episode was able to catch my attention long enough to keep watching. I love the subtle humor and the plot twists. It’s been a long time since I’ve found a decent show on Netflix to watch. I’m currently on season 2 of The Good Place and I’m obsessed with the new plot twist. I highly recommend watching this show if you can. You won’t be disappointed!

Some stuff I want to address

For the past couple of months, my main goal is to take the lsat. It’s the law school entrance exam and I’ve been working very hard to get a good score on this exam. I haven’t noticed until recently that my energy level has tanked. I’m exhausted and I know that studying while tired is not good. I’m really hoping to take a nap later today. I haven’t been blogging as much either. I just don’t have the time. I want to blog so badly though.

I have trouble focusing on studying and doing my own thing if I know that other people are having fun. It sucks to sit in front of a desk by yourself when you know that other people are having fun without you. It’s not fun, it’s hard. And that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m also going to be studying tonight. I’m not looking forward to that at all. My brain is exhausted. I studied this morning, went to work, and my brain is giving up on me. I hope that by writing this, I will try to get some more studying done tonight. Wish me luck!


I’ve been studying for the lsat and I’m very serious about getting the stuff that I need to get done finished. I have a tutor that I pay for to help me along this process. I’ve been committing every single week to studying for this test. The amount of money and time that I have spent is costly. I’m also not the type of person that likes to waste money. Anyways, I was interrupted today during one of my lsat classes with my tutor. It really bothered me. I come here to study and I expect NO ONE to bother me. This is such an important test, and I feel like everyone just thinks it’s a joke.

I’m not in an easygoing mood at the moment. I’m actually furious. I can understand that there are some people that have no education and they dance through life without a care; that is not me. I spend every day GRINDING and WORKING my ass off. This is no joke.

I feel a little better now. Thanks for letting me rant.

Looking back at my younger self

I think it’s amazing to see how far I’ve grown. I remember doing nothing all day when I still lived with my parents. I had turned 18 and my mom stopped giving me allowance money every week. It was sort of earth shattering at that moment because I was so used to the money. I remember my sister telling me that the same thing happened to her. My mom stopped giving her money when she turned 18. She said that it was a signal for me to begin making my own money. How do I do that? She told me that I had to get a job. I was frightened because I didn’t want to.

I spent a lot of time just going to college. I didn’t work and most of my free time was spent laying in bed doing nothing. I remember my dad cleaning the house and walking by my room. He told me that I need to put myself out there to go do something. You can’t learn anything from staying inside all day. The world is big and I need to see it.

I began teaching piano two years later. It was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. That decision cascaded all of the good things that happened. I now am able to afford more things and I can take care of myself. My growth from my past self is huge. I hope to continue to grow into a stronger and better person. I know I can do it.