A great day yesterday

Yesterday was pretty great. My partner and I usually don’t have dinner together because he has to have dinner with his parent instead. They got in a fight yesterday and we were able to spend more time together. I got off of work at 9 pm, so I came back pretty late. We usually don’t have a lot of time to talk or hang out, but we did last night. Many things happened with his parent in the past that really scarred my partner. And I don’t like his parent. That’s why I don’t feel bad that they got into a fight. My partner works 40 hours a week, had to be his parent’s caretaker, and he has to clean the entire house every single week. I feel like his parent never gives him a break. My partner needs to rest. He pays for all of his parent’s expenses plus the medicine too. His parent refuses to pay for any of it. I don’t feel guilty at all. Many of us who are working and productive every day deserve to be treated with respect when we come back home.

I’m also glad that I have a pretty easy work load the rest of this week. Monday through Wednesday’s are my heaviest days for work. And I’m very happy to start relaxing now. Plus, our room is filled with snacks, food, and drinks. We don’t have to deal with his parent because we have all of our own stuff. Let the relaxation begin!

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