You gotta keep going

I never knew what would happen if I just stopped blogging after a couple of weeks. I saw my friends slowly stop blogging even though we promised that we would all blog together. They stopped posting, but I never blamed them for stopping. I knew that I wanted to continue. Honestly, I love blogging because it gives me a chance to tell someone about my thoughts. I could express my emotions and it made me feel better. My life started to slowly improve. I was never popular anywhere in my life. And I didn’t see my blogs gain any special popularity. My focus was just to enjoy blogging. I still enjoy it as much as day one of my blogging journey. Now, after about 300-400 blog posts, my enjoyment of blogging is still there. If I stopped blogging initially, I would never be where I am now. I’m so happy I stuck with it. If you are contemplating stopping blogging, don’t. Keep with it and you’ll see that it’s worth it. Keep going.

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