Judgmental People

I’ve learned something about judgmental people. They thrive off of knowing facts about people so they can compare themselves to them. They have to know that they are better and it puts them at ease to know that they are better in any aspects.

That is why I don’t like telling people many facts about me. I don’t like sharing too much information because I’m not looking for approval. I don’t ask other people about their lives either. I am completely oblivious at times of other people’s stuff. I just focus on myself and that makes me happy.

There are people though that love to know a lot about me. I don’t see what is so interesting. I teach piano and I am studying for law school. I’m not the president. I’m not a celebrity. That’s why I don’t understand why I am the topic of other people’s discussions. They’ll downplay my achievements and boost themselves up.

I think I’m okay with it. I shouldn’t think about this because I have so many things to do. My life is filled with friends and responsibilities. And I’m happy. I need to learn to be comfortable and not care when judgmental people talk about me. I’m going to keep looking straight and just stick to minding my own business.

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