Having a healthy relationship

You can’t cling on to your partner for all of your needs. That’s a clear sign that your relationship is not healthy. I see so much of my old self doing this and I regret it. I regret losing myself and only relying on one person for everything. Lately, I’ve been trying to rely more on myself. It’s difficult to to think that you are the only person that can truly take care of yourself, but it’s true.

Another aspect of a healthy relationship is commitment. You have to choose to be with this person and they have to be your only partner. There shouldn’t be a doubt in your mind that you both are committed to each other. Commitment is a two way street. A very strong commitment leads to a long term relationship and marriage.

The last thing I believe you need for a healthy relationship is the ability to forget and forgive. There are going to be tons of problems in your relationship. And if you harbor everything, your relationship is going to explode. I believe that loving someone means that you will forgive them for waking you up early accidentally. You will forgive them for forgetting to do the laundry. It’s the little things that needs the most forgiveness. That’s what love is all about.

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