A letter to my younger self

I got this blog idea from another blogger, so I don’t want to take all the credit. I thought it would help calm my thoughts and my mind to write a letter to my younger self. I’m not having such a good day today. I just finished two piano lessons and my students always cheer me up when I’m sad. They’re so bubbly and happy, and that makes me happy too.

A letter to my younger self:

Today is November 5, 2019. I’m writing to you in the future. And I want to tell you to give the boy that has been chasing you a chance. He’s a really good guy. I know you don’t like him right now, but believe it or not, you will in the future. Don’t become a pre-med in college. You will end up quitting and returning back to law. No matter what anyone tells you, stay true to yourself. You are important and you are loved.

I want to tell you that there will be difficult times ahead. You’re going to live with this guy’s dad and he is going to make your life a living hell. You love your boyfriend though and he needs you. I don’t know what the future is going to look like because I’m still in this phase that I spoke of, but keep your head up. There will be some rough days. And they are going to be rough. They’re going to test every ounce of patience you have. I don’t know if it’s worth it. Just know that you are so lucky to finally be able to find a guy that appreciates you. He’s going to be your husband and I know that we both have been waiting so long for him to come into our lives.

Don’t date bad boys. I know you won’t, but I thought it would be best to tell you again. And make sure to go to the doctors. You are going to have hypothyroidism in the future, but you are going to be okay. We are okay. And there will be a phase of depression you will go through. It’s not your fault. It’s going to be caused by the lack of thyroid hormone in your body. Once you find the right dosage (.088), you will never have the depression again. You’re not sad, it’s only because of the lack of hormone in your body.

I hope you get over crying in the future. I want to tell you that we do. You will not cry anymore uncontrollably. We’re okay. Stay strong.

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