Wondering What Happened

I remember teaching a young mom, her daughter, and her son the piano many months ago. She was a single mom that was recently divorced. And she was taking care of her young son and two daughters. She loved music, but could never find the time to practice. It was frustrating to teach students that didn’t practice. I believed they were selling themselves short. Imagine all of the potential and time that was wasted. I noticed that they slowly started to drift away from the piano. And they ended up quitting the piano later on. I wasn’t formally told that they quit, but they just stopped responding to my texts.

I remember asking after a couple of months after if they were still playing the piano. And the answer was no. That was disappointing. They spent all of that money on lessons and they didn’t stick with it. I think that they were definitely in a good place to succeed. They learned quickly and they liked the piano a lot before.

The main part of this story is about the mother. She told me that she was quitting her job to become a real estate agent. I thought that was great. She was working really hard to study for her test while working another job. And her home was beautiful. She kept it very clean and it was designed well. I thought she was a superwoman because she always had her life together. I admired that she was financially independent and emotionally independent.

She didn’t tell me that she wanted to start a blog. I saw it on her computer. At the time, I had started a blog. I was writing on this blog and Pocketfuloflearning during this time. I saw how she wanted to work from home and she had researched a lot about blogging. It looked like she was studying pretty hard on the topic. And I wish I could have helped her. I could see that she needed help starting, but I didn’t end up helping her. That’s why I wonder how she is doing now. Did she ever start her blog? Maybe if she did, her blog is probably very successful. I’ll never know really, and I like to think that she’s very successful with her career and blogging.

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