The Curse of Being Handed Everything in Life

I recently watched some episodes of Gilmore Girls and I realized that the main character is not as strong as she thinks she is. Rory Gilmore was offered an internship from her boyfriend’s father to work at a newspaper firm. She becomes very excited and starts her first day. According to her, everything is so new and she hasn’t gotten used to the pace of being there. At the end of the day, her boyfriend’s father sits down with her to discuss how she’s doing there. He admits that he doesn’t think she is going to be a good journalist. She appears to be timid, which is not a good quality of a journalist. And he leaves her with the advice to quit now.

She becomes heartbroken from hearing this and she drops out of Yale. And maybe her reaction to this proves that the boyfriend’s father was right about her. Rory was always handed everything in life. She definitely worked hard academically, but it was her grandfather that helped her get into Yale. And we never really see her struggling to make something of herself. Even hearing for the first time that she’s not good at something, she becomes terribly distraught. How is she going to succeed in life if she can’t take constructive criticism?

I used to be just like her. I felt like I was handed everything in life and I never had to experience immense, hard work. After moving out on my own though, I experienced every hardship life can throw at you. I had to work day in and day out to pay bills. And I was never handed anything after that. I think it taught me that being handed everything in life is a curse. And it will always keep you relying on somebody else. That’s why, for the past year, I’ve been relying more on myself. I’m not a superwoman, but I try my best. And the results have been life changing.

I want to add in that Rory, later in life, doesn’t achieve her dream of being a journalist/reporter. She doesn’t achieve much of anything actually. She becomes broke with no car, no house, and no husband. The girl that was sheltered all her life never amounted to anything extraordinary. There’s a lesson to be learned here. I love watching Gilmore Girls and I don’t hate Rory’s character, but I wish she would have proved her boyfriend’s father wrong. Instead, she ran away and quit.

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