Purse Must Haves

I’m the typical woman. I have to have everything I can possibly need in my purse. I carry so many things that everyone complains that my bag is so heavy. My students even know that I carry a lot of things. And I see their curious eyes peeking to see what’s in my purse. For me, my purse doubles as a personal bag and a work bag. I use it for both purposes.

The items in my purse are:

1. Hand sanitizer

2. Tissues

3. Wallet

4. Face wipes

5. Water bottle

6. Phone

7. Stickers for teaching

8. Pencil bag for teaching

9. Paper clips for teaching

10. Erasers for teaching

11. Keys

12. Pepper spray

13. Lucky charm

14. Sunglasses

15. Eyeglass case

16. And many more I can’t think of right now

Do you have these many things in your purse? Am I crazy to carry this much stuff? I have smaller purses, but I’m always on the go. I stay out for five to seven hours each day. And I need my stuff with me. If there’s anything missing on my list, let me know. And hopefully, I helped you get some ideas for what to put in your purse!

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