Two Lifeboats

I’m the kind of person that is so meticulous that I always plan ahead. I’m always thinking about the next step…and when my friend offered the idea to me about blogging, I knew that was it. Blogging has become something more than just a hobby. It’s become my normal routine. And whenever I need to write, I find that blogging is the best outlet. It allows me to reach people and to also help them when they need it.

When I think about blogging, I think of it as lifeboats. In our daily lives, we work normal jobs that consist of 40+ hours a week. I teach at my own piano studio that I built up three years ago. And that has become a major success. In my community, I am very well-known for being an excellent piano teacher. I’m working on expanding, but also keeping that stream of income afloat.

Blogging is my other job. And when I say that it’s a job, I mean that I make a profit from it. I’ve been investing small amounts of time into blogging to create something more. Remember when I said I had a backup plan always ready? Blogging is it. I have two blogs: and Both of these are my lifeboats. I love knowing that I have diversified income. And I strongly recommend you guys to consider it too. My other blog about diversifying your income, probably one of the best blog posts I’ve ever made, is very helpful. It can be found here.

I encourage you to think about this a lot! Your lifeboats have to be docked and ready whenever you need them. Start building them now, and when they’re ready, let them support you 🙂

Please give me feedback on this post and the other one. I’m excited to start this discussion!

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