Why having multiple blogs is a full time job

Hi, you might know me very well if you follow all of my blogs. My name is Lia and I own five blogs. Throughout my blogging career, I have been producing content that generated over thousands of views. I have experience in blogging and making content for my blogs. In my experience, maintaining so many blogs has been a hassle. I have to consistently make sure that each blog is maintained. Not only with the number of new content, but I have to constantly update the old content too. The number of tags and pictures have to make the blog better. If you’ve ever worked hours on a blog, you know that all of this takes a lot of time. If you’re willing to do it, the rewards are insurmountable.

I’ve found that my blogs generate tons of views on their own even when I don’t post for months. Of course, you would need to update your blogs consistently to keep your view count up, but building a self-sustaining blog has always been my goal. I’ve been able to build some strong blogs that don’t need much of my attention. The amount of time I’ve spent has been equivalent to working another job. I love blogging though and I do it because it’s one of my passions.

If you’re like me and you’re looking for something that will sustain you for the rest of your life, I recommend building multiple blogs that have tons of content on them. It’ll take a lot of time, but it’s worth it.

Small results produce bigger rewards

I just posted a blog post about how I’ve been working so hard and I feel like I haven’t had any results. I’ve learned that results take time and not everything can be achieved overnight. I also learned that I have had small results that I initially ignored. I need to start appreciating these small results because they will keep me motivated to work harder. I wish someone would have told me this before, but I’m glad that I learned this now.

A great day yesterday

Yesterday was pretty great. My partner and I usually don’t have dinner together because he has to have dinner with his parent instead. They got in a fight yesterday and we were able to spend more time together. I got off of work at 9 pm, so I came back pretty late. We usually don’t have a lot of time to talk or hang out, but we did last night. Many things happened with his parent in the past that really scarred my partner. And I don’t like his parent. That’s why I don’t feel bad that they got into a fight. My partner works 40 hours a week, had to be his parent’s caretaker, and he has to clean the entire house every single week. I feel like his parent never gives him a break. My partner needs to rest. He pays for all of his parent’s expenses plus the medicine too. His parent refuses to pay for any of it. I don’t feel guilty at all. Many of us who are working and productive every day deserve to be treated with respect when we come back home.

I’m also glad that I have a pretty easy work load the rest of this week. Monday through Wednesday’s are my heaviest days for work. And I’m very happy to start relaxing now. Plus, our room is filled with snacks, food, and drinks. We don’t have to deal with his parent because we have all of our own stuff. Let the relaxation begin!

A day of gratitude

I’ve learned that instead of thinking negative thoughts, I want to start converting those thoughts into positive thoughts. I feel constantly bombarded by negative emotions because of my living conditions. Where you live matters and it’s important to have good living conditions. I don’t, however. I have to deal with loud noises and constant bad smells. It can get to me sometimes. I hope that today can be the start of a new beginning for myself. I want to catch myself whenever I have a negative thought and try to convert it into a happy one. I hope this works.

Finding Myself

My 20s have been full of mistakes and learning. I’ve learned more than I ever learned than when I was a teenager. I feel like I was hit all at once with the responsibilities of being an adult. I didn’t know I had so much to learn, but I did. I’m glad I have a supportive partner to help me through my 20s. We started dating when I turned 20 and now I’m turning 26 this year. Life has been a whirlwind. There are so many experiences I wish I hadn’t experienced, but I know that I have become stronger from them. I hope to continue working on myself. And I’ve been spending every day trying to take care of myself very well. I’m not sure if everyone experienced these similar things in their 20s, but I hope I’m not the only one.

Time is Precious

Whenever I’m relaxing, I always ask myself if I have to relax. Am I relaxing for the right reasons? If i’m only relaxing because I’m bored, I try to stop myself from doing so and I try to do something productive instead. I’m not a fan of wasting time. I honestly believe that working hard right now is crucial to my success in the future. You never know if you’re going to become so sick that you can’t work and you won’t have a backup plan to make money. It’s important to know what you can do to protect yourself in case of emergencies. And that’s why I work so hard with the time that I have during the day. I work hard right now so I can make more money in the future.

I’ve also learned that I wasted a lot of time when I was younger. I spent many hours scrolling through facebook and youtube when I should have been doing something more productive instead. I could have built a better future for myself. If you find that you are wasting a lot of time, try to reevaluate what you want for yourself. And just start working towards your goals. There is nothing better than the present to start doing something. Time is absolutely precious.

Am I really lonely or just being dramatic?

I say I’m lonely but…

I have 27 piano students. I have to commit to studying 2-3 hours every day for the lsat. I have a husband. I have to take care of my dog. I have so much work to do. I have to finish my law school applications.

And I’m thinking that I’m lonely 🤔 😂

You gotta keep going

I never knew what would happen if I just stopped blogging after a couple of weeks. I saw my friends slowly stop blogging even though we promised that we would all blog together. They stopped posting, but I never blamed them for stopping. I knew that I wanted to continue. Honestly, I love blogging because it gives me a chance to tell someone about my thoughts. I could express my emotions and it made me feel better. My life started to slowly improve. I was never popular anywhere in my life. And I didn’t see my blogs gain any special popularity. My focus was just to enjoy blogging. I still enjoy it as much as day one of my blogging journey. Now, after about 300-400 blog posts, my enjoyment of blogging is still there. If I stopped blogging initially, I would never be where I am now. I’m so happy I stuck with it. If you are contemplating stopping blogging, don’t. Keep with it and you’ll see that it’s worth it. Keep going.

I can’t imagine

I can’t imagine my life without independence and freedom. I’m beginning to think that I really was a bird in my past life. I adore birds for some reason. When I was young, I would wear the peel off tattoos that were birds. I began drawing birds in my notebooks. I just adored them. I even had a bird necklace that I wore all the time.

I can’t stay in the same place or do the same thing every single day. I love routines, but it gets old. I love that every day can be filled with something new. I have to be able to control what I want to do for the day. It’s an amazing feeling. And I don’t believe in never changing. I constantly feel the urge to go out of my comfort zone. I’m happy this way. And I have to be free. Life has blessed me to be able to do this. I must have been a bird before 🦅

“Why stay in the same place when you can go anywhere you want?”

I’m so stressed

My car recently got in a car accident and it has been difficult to organize my plans. I’m sharing a car between my husband and I. He has to work also, so I’ve been struggling to reorganize my schedule so both of ours work together. My lsat test is also less than two weeks away and I’m nervous about it. Life has been an absolute whirlwind and I feel like I’m behind on everything. I really need to get caught up on everything I have to do. Applications for law school are also a top priority for me. I’m constantly working and studying. I’m so tired, but this is what I have to do right now. Wish me luck 🤞

Studying has been tough but worthwhile

I never knew how to study for a standardized test. My teachers never really prepared me for how to take tests. I knew some of my classmates had excellent test taking skills, but I always wondered why my teachers never prepared me like other teachers prepared them. Therefore, I would do terribly on tests. It wasn’t fair. I was jealous of my other classmates because their guessing skills were better than mine. And they could usually guess the right answer with barely any studying.

Since I’ve started studying for the lsat, that insecurity has begun to slowly disappear. I’ve found myself getting better at taking tests. And my confidence has went up a little. I can’t say I’m great at the test yet, but I know I’ve improved a lot.

I love being married

I recently got married and I never really announced it to anyone. I’ve just kind of kept it to myself because I want to make it special for my husband and I. He’s the love of my life and he’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I recently stopped hiding it because I want everyone to know that I am so happy being married. I am literally ecstatic to be his wife. And I feel like being married to him feels so right. I love him. Just wanted to share this special moment with my blog!

It’s okay to take care of yourself

I think it’s taboo for people to think about their own ambitions and goals. We are all trained to think about others before ourselves and what happens when we’re not happy? I’m saying that it is completely fine to take some time for yourself. You have to be aware of the fact that your mental health should be your top priority. You are important. Don’t forget that.

I’ve been taking time to sleep more and to work on myself. I’ve been studying for the lsat constantly, working more to make money, and I’ve been taking care of my happiness. Yes, I might be considered selfish but I don’t care. I can’t make other people happy if my health is in horrible shape. Selfishness is okay! Live a happy life and do what you want. Be happy!

Small blogs still get views :)

As you all may know, I have some other blogs that I’ve had for awhile now and I update them often. I’ve noticed that these smaller blogs of mine get little traffic and I never expected them to show up on search engines. I’ve started to notice that my blogs are showing up on search engines! I’m so excited. Writing blogs and sticking with it will lead to great rewards 🙂 don’t give up!

An Update

I’m still surprised that I’ve been blogging for awhile now and I’m still writing. My friends that wanted to start a blog never blogged for more than a month. I think I’m the longest blogger in my friend group and I’m proud of myself. It’s not easy to commit to doing something for a long time. I committed to learning the piano and the double bass for many years. There must be something in my personality that allows me to stick with things long term.

I’ve written hundreds of blog posts and I will never get tired of blogging. There’s something exciting about seeing the feedback people have from reading your content. And I enjoy reading other people’s content too. You can find my posts everywhere. I’m surprised that my really old posts are still being read, but I’m very glad. What do you like about blogging?

Judgmental People

I’ve learned something about judgmental people. They thrive off of knowing facts about people so they can compare themselves to them. They have to know that they are better and it puts them at ease to know that they are better in any aspects.

That is why I don’t like telling people many facts about me. I don’t like sharing too much information because I’m not looking for approval. I don’t ask other people about their lives either. I am completely oblivious at times of other people’s stuff. I just focus on myself and that makes me happy.

There are people though that love to know a lot about me. I don’t see what is so interesting. I teach piano and I am studying for law school. I’m not the president. I’m not a celebrity. That’s why I don’t understand why I am the topic of other people’s discussions. They’ll downplay my achievements and boost themselves up.

I think I’m okay with it. I shouldn’t think about this because I have so many things to do. My life is filled with friends and responsibilities. And I’m happy. I need to learn to be comfortable and not care when judgmental people talk about me. I’m going to keep looking straight and just stick to minding my own business.

Review of The Good Place

I’ve recently began watching The Good Place on Netflix and it has quickly become one of my favorite shows. The first episode was able to catch my attention long enough to keep watching. I love the subtle humor and the plot twists. It’s been a long time since I’ve found a decent show on Netflix to watch. I’m currently on season 2 of The Good Place and I’m obsessed with the new plot twist. I highly recommend watching this show if you can. You won’t be disappointed!

Some stuff I want to address

For the past couple of months, my main goal is to take the lsat. It’s the law school entrance exam and I’ve been working very hard to get a good score on this exam. I haven’t noticed until recently that my energy level has tanked. I’m exhausted and I know that studying while tired is not good. I’m really hoping to take a nap later today. I haven’t been blogging as much either. I just don’t have the time. I want to blog so badly though.

I have trouble focusing on studying and doing my own thing if I know that other people are having fun. It sucks to sit in front of a desk by yourself when you know that other people are having fun without you. It’s not fun, it’s hard. And that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m also going to be studying tonight. I’m not looking forward to that at all. My brain is exhausted. I studied this morning, went to work, and my brain is giving up on me. I hope that by writing this, I will try to get some more studying done tonight. Wish me luck!


I’ve been studying for the lsat and I’m very serious about getting the stuff that I need to get done finished. I have a tutor that I pay for to help me along this process. I’ve been committing every single week to studying for this test. The amount of money and time that I have spent is costly. I’m also not the type of person that likes to waste money. Anyways, I was interrupted today during one of my lsat classes with my tutor. It really bothered me. I come here to study and I expect NO ONE to bother me. This is such an important test, and I feel like everyone just thinks it’s a joke.

I’m not in an easygoing mood at the moment. I’m actually furious. I can understand that there are some people that have no education and they dance through life without a care; that is not me. I spend every day GRINDING and WORKING my ass off. This is no joke.

I feel a little better now. Thanks for letting me rant.

Looking back at my younger self

I think it’s amazing to see how far I’ve grown. I remember doing nothing all day when I still lived with my parents. I had turned 18 and my mom stopped giving me allowance money every week. It was sort of earth shattering at that moment because I was so used to the money. I remember my sister telling me that the same thing happened to her. My mom stopped giving her money when she turned 18. She said that it was a signal for me to begin making my own money. How do I do that? She told me that I had to get a job. I was frightened because I didn’t want to.

I spent a lot of time just going to college. I didn’t work and most of my free time was spent laying in bed doing nothing. I remember my dad cleaning the house and walking by my room. He told me that I need to put myself out there to go do something. You can’t learn anything from staying inside all day. The world is big and I need to see it.

I began teaching piano two years later. It was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. That decision cascaded all of the good things that happened. I now am able to afford more things and I can take care of myself. My growth from my past self is huge. I hope to continue to grow into a stronger and better person. I know I can do it.

Update with me

I’ve been on the down-low lately. I haven’t been posting much, but I’ve been reading other blog posts. Life has been up and down in other aspects. Work has been driving me crazy, but I’m so glad tomorrow is my last day before I go on my big road trip. I’ve already bought supplies and snacks for the ride. It’s going to a 13-15 hour drive there. And I’m so ready. I’ve already downloaded tons of movies and episodes to watch during the ride. I’ve also bought snacks, water, conditioner, tide to go wipes, hand sanitizer, coffee, and other things I’ll need. I’m ready for a much needed break from life.

A day in my life of being a teacher

Ahhh, I am so tired of people telling me that my job isn’t a real job. I work certain hours of the week that are the same every week. I get paid for those hours. And it’s the same thing week after week. I still get criticism, however. I still get told that I’m just doing it as a freelancer. Does a freelancer get paid the same every single week? I’m not going to take this criticism anymore and I’m tired of it. I wish I could tell the people who say this that they are being rude.

I never knew that I would get so much criticism from people. It matters to me, but only to an extent. I know that I am doing well for myself and that is all that matters. I’ve also heard other piano teachers express how other people critique their jobs too. You would think that teachers would get some respect, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

I WILL be blogging more

I’m going on a road trip in two days and it is going to be a 13-15 hour drive there and back. I’ll be on my vacation for more than a week and I will have more than enough time in the car to write blogs. So please stay tuned for more blogs! I will be updating more and I’m excited to write again. Stay tuned!

Having a healthy relationship

You can’t cling on to your partner for all of your needs. That’s a clear sign that your relationship is not healthy. I see so much of my old self doing this and I regret it. I regret losing myself and only relying on one person for everything. Lately, I’ve been trying to rely more on myself. It’s difficult to to think that you are the only person that can truly take care of yourself, but it’s true.

Another aspect of a healthy relationship is commitment. You have to choose to be with this person and they have to be your only partner. There shouldn’t be a doubt in your mind that you both are committed to each other. Commitment is a two way street. A very strong commitment leads to a long term relationship and marriage.

The last thing I believe you need for a healthy relationship is the ability to forget and forgive. There are going to be tons of problems in your relationship. And if you harbor everything, your relationship is going to explode. I believe that loving someone means that you will forgive them for waking you up early accidentally. You will forgive them for forgetting to do the laundry. It’s the little things that needs the most forgiveness. That’s what love is all about.

A letter to my younger self

I got this blog idea from another blogger, so I don’t want to take all the credit. I thought it would help calm my thoughts and my mind to write a letter to my younger self. I’m not having such a good day today. I just finished two piano lessons and my students always cheer me up when I’m sad. They’re so bubbly and happy, and that makes me happy too.

A letter to my younger self:

Today is November 5, 2019. I’m writing to you in the future. And I want to tell you to give the boy that has been chasing you a chance. He’s a really good guy. I know you don’t like him right now, but believe it or not, you will in the future. Don’t become a pre-med in college. You will end up quitting and returning back to law. No matter what anyone tells you, stay true to yourself. You are important and you are loved.

I want to tell you that there will be difficult times ahead. You’re going to live with this guy’s dad and he is going to make your life a living hell. You love your boyfriend though and he needs you. I don’t know what the future is going to look like because I’m still in this phase that I spoke of, but keep your head up. There will be some rough days. And they are going to be rough. They’re going to test every ounce of patience you have. I don’t know if it’s worth it. Just know that you are so lucky to finally be able to find a guy that appreciates you. He’s going to be your husband and I know that we both have been waiting so long for him to come into our lives.

Don’t date bad boys. I know you won’t, but I thought it would be best to tell you again. And make sure to go to the doctors. You are going to have hypothyroidism in the future, but you are going to be okay. We are okay. And there will be a phase of depression you will go through. It’s not your fault. It’s going to be caused by the lack of thyroid hormone in your body. Once you find the right dosage (.088), you will never have the depression again. You’re not sad, it’s only because of the lack of hormone in your body.

I hope you get over crying in the future. I want to tell you that we do. You will not cry anymore uncontrollably. We’re okay. Stay strong.

Never First

I’ve never really been the best at something. I’ll always come in second place, but I’ve found that someone is always better than me in some way. And that’s incredibly frustrating. I envy those that are the best at what they do. I want to be recognized at the top for something. I want the glory of having my name and presence on a leaderboard. I just want to be the best at something.

I’ve been working so hard at everything I do. I try my absolute best. And I have gotten great at many things. It doesn’t matter though. Someone always shows up and beats me. I’ve been playing Mario Kart online and I win first place, but I want first place overall. I want to be ranked the highest. I know this is probably because I’m a perfectionist, but it doesn’t matter. Being first place is the best feeling ever.

Exploring Beyond Your Comfort Zone

I’ve learned throughout my blogging journey that blogging is more than just focusing on yourself. It’s about talking and reading other peoples’ posts. It’s about caring about the community more than yourself. I’ve seen so many great blogs just by exploring WordPress. And I spend a lot of time looking at new topics that I wouldn’t usually read. It’s so much fun. If you find that you’re in a blogging rut, go and like other peoples’ posts. Once you give, you’re going to get. Blogging is so enjoyable and it’s better when it’s shared!

More Concerned With Myself

I’ve realized that I am very concerned with only myself and I think that’s how it should be. I mind my own business without ever asking about other peoples’ business. And I don’t think I’m a very interesting person. That’s why I don’t understand why knowledge about my life is so interesting. It’s alright though. I stay in my lane and that’s fine with me!

My blogs are where I can really share my thoughts. I feel like people that are jealous only want to ruin your life. And I stay far away from that. My only vibes are happiness and bliss.

I’m going to start becoming a private person again. I’m very interested in how someone can keep an eye on me, but it’s alright. I don’t like the attention though. I will continue to thrive and live my best life regardless!


I think I’ve been stretching myself thin once again. I always work way too hard and then I get burnt out. I’m thinking I just need a break from working to rest my mind. Thank you all for being patient with me. I am not a machine and I cannot work nonstop. It’s best for me to take this short break now.

Wondering What Happened

I remember teaching a young mom, her daughter, and her son the piano many months ago. She was a single mom that was recently divorced. And she was taking care of her young son and two daughters. She loved music, but could never find the time to practice. It was frustrating to teach students that didn’t practice. I believed they were selling themselves short. Imagine all of the potential and time that was wasted. I noticed that they slowly started to drift away from the piano. And they ended up quitting the piano later on. I wasn’t formally told that they quit, but they just stopped responding to my texts.

I remember asking after a couple of months after if they were still playing the piano. And the answer was no. That was disappointing. They spent all of that money on lessons and they didn’t stick with it. I think that they were definitely in a good place to succeed. They learned quickly and they liked the piano a lot before.

The main part of this story is about the mother. She told me that she was quitting her job to become a real estate agent. I thought that was great. She was working really hard to study for her test while working another job. And her home was beautiful. She kept it very clean and it was designed well. I thought she was a superwoman because she always had her life together. I admired that she was financially independent and emotionally independent.

She didn’t tell me that she wanted to start a blog. I saw it on her computer. At the time, I had started a blog. I was writing on this blog and Pocketfuloflearning during this time. I saw how she wanted to work from home and she had researched a lot about blogging. It looked like she was studying pretty hard on the topic. And I wish I could have helped her. I could see that she needed help starting, but I didn’t end up helping her. That’s why I wonder how she is doing now. Did she ever start her blog? Maybe if she did, her blog is probably very successful. I’ll never know really, and I like to think that she’s very successful with her career and blogging.

How to find happiness in embracing the process

Not everything is going to go as fast as you imagine it would. Blogging is a great example of that. Some people think that blogging is going to be fast. And I was one of those people. It’s quite the opposite. I’ve learned that blogging is not all about gaining viewership. It’s about learning to communicate through your writing. The process of starting your blog and continuing it is the reward. And it’s not always about getting to the end.

Instead of focusing on my stats all the time, I’ve found that reading blog posts from my fellow bloggers are more rewarding. There are really good content on WordPress. And I learned that I really enjoy reading blog posts. Sometimes, I think I enjoy reading more than writing my own posts.

You can apply this to everything. There are many things in life that take a long time to achieve. I think we are always focused on the end goal, and we don’t take time to enjoy the process of getting there. I’m going to try to relax and enjoy this time instead of worrying about the end. Happy blogging!

Blogging Fatigue?

I’ve found the engagement of blogging dropping lately amongst everyone and that’s okay. I’ve found that blogging has its ebbs and flows. And we all continue to blog because we genuinely enjoy doing it.

I’m still looking for topics to write from my day to day life. Nothing is interesting really. I’ve been just trying to enjoy life. I’m keeping it simple. And we’ll see how it goes. I’m pretty happy and content right now where I am. How’s everything going for you?

The pressure of blogging

I have been listening too much to blogging podcasts and the actual blogging part of my life has slowly began to dwindle. I’ve totally forgotten that blogging is also supposed to be therapeutic for me. And there isn’t supposed to be stress from blogging. Today, my boyfriend and I are going to spend the day together. Our lives are so busy that when I see him, I feel guilty for working on my blog or studying. I try to enjoy the moments I can have with him without working.

I hope that blogging continues to be a good source of happiness for me because it is. And this community has helped me in so many ways. Thank you for reading 🙂

The amazing impact of habits

When you make something into a habit, it can change your life. You have to adapt good habits and get rid of bad habits. Some good habits are being clean or being responsible. Bad habits consist of laziness and uncleanliness.

Blogging should be adapted into a habit. If you find blogging rewarding, you’re more likely to keep blogging. You can change your life, but it just depends on your willingness to do so.

My First Product Review and Joining Amazon Affiliates

My first product review will be of the Mario Badescu facial spray rose water. I absolutely enjoy using this. I ordered two bottles on amazon and it came with two different sized bottles. I’ve been using it on my face, spraying it once in the morning while getting ready, and the results are amazing. I can’t say this enough: you need this in your life. I’ve been wanting to use rose water on my skin for forever because I thought it would keep my face moisturized. And I wanted to be fancy like other influencers were. I could never justify the price and expense of buying rose water, but I thought I would treat myself for my birthday with gifts.

Rose water has completely changed my face. I look in the mirror and I think I’ve aged backwards. I used to think my skin looked dull and dry, but now I think I look beautiful every day. I don’t even need makeup because my skin is glowing. I didn’t know what a difference using rose water could make. I highly recommend!

I’m going to leave a link here: https://amzn.to/2OpMyXa to my amazon affiliate link for the rose water I use.

Speaking of amazon affiliates, I’ve been enjoying using amazon to help promote products on my blogs. I feel like I’m able to help people with their shopping and I can recommend the specific products I like much more easily. I’m always on the look out for great products and sometimes you just don’t know what to buy.

I’ve found it easy to sign up for amazon affiliates and I think it’s a great way to help monetize your blog. If you purchase a product from amazon by using my link or if you buy anything else while on amazon, I’ll get a percentage. And it helps with keeping my blogs afloat.

Thank you for all the support!

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5 Little Things That Make Me Happy

1. Being able to blog and to share my thoughts with other people. So much of my stress and negative emotions are immediately gone after I blog.

2. The power of coffee and how it fuels my body so I can achieve all my goals for each day. I’m able to accomplish much more because of coffee.

3. The power to decide to be happy. Once you make the decision to be happy, no one can take that from you.

4. My morning routine makes me happy. It helps me feel like today is going to be a good day. And I need that in the morning especially.

5. Drinking water. I love the taste of water and I appreciate all of its benefits. Water cleans out all the toxins in your body to flush them out, it rehydrates your skin, hair and eyes, and it tastes great. My water bottle is my best friend. I can’t go to work without it.

Busy All Day at Work

I was working all day and I couldn’t believe I had the energy to keep going. I was running off of about six hours of sleep and I woke up in the morning to work on my main blog. Life has been hectic ever since I started blogging again, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love blogging and I am really beginning to believe that blogging is my passion in life. I’ve been working so hard and it’s been well worth it.

I still have so much left to learn about blogging and I want to redesign my blog, but there are not enough hours in the day. I have to keep going though. It is all worth it.

Teaching has been tiring. I’ve been working six days out of the week. And I’ve been taking two lsat tutor sessions. I also have my own piano lessons and I workout every day. Life has been crazy. And I just celebrated my anniversary with my boyfriend. I hope to see all my hard work flourish 🌻

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This is what I’m meant to do

I’m so thankful for all of the amazing blessings and happiness blogging has given me. I couldn’t thank everyone enough for all of the support and the likes. I feel like blogging is something I’m meant to do and it’s one of the best things that has happened for me. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Thoughts of the Week

I wonder if someone ever evaluates their life and is disappointed with it. I can see someone older looking back at their life and wondering if their entire life was pointless. I guess that’s a thing older people do, but I had that realization today and I’m not very old.

I thought about how far I’ve come in life and if I’m happy where I am now. I don’t want to be too critical on myself, but I couldn’t help but think that I’m not very happy. I wanted to graduate college earlier and I was hoping to already be in my career. I know I’m still young, but the thought of wasting these years away is very unappealing. I also don’t want to be dependent on someone else financially and emotionally. I want to be able to take care of myself. If I was forced to be on my own entirely, I want to know I’ll be okay.

Am I at this point now? No. I still have to rely on my parents for my car payment. I wish I was able to pay that myself, but I can’t right now. On the bright side, I’m able to pay for my gas, food, student loans, living expenses and rent, credit card bills, phone bill, and etc. I just want to be completely independent, doesn’t everybody? I’m working really hard right now towards my goal. And I can see results which is exciting!

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The Curse of Being Handed Everything in Life

I recently watched some episodes of Gilmore Girls and I realized that the main character is not as strong as she thinks she is. Rory Gilmore was offered an internship from her boyfriend’s father to work at a newspaper firm. She becomes very excited and starts her first day. According to her, everything is so new and she hasn’t gotten used to the pace of being there. At the end of the day, her boyfriend’s father sits down with her to discuss how she’s doing there. He admits that he doesn’t think she is going to be a good journalist. She appears to be timid, which is not a good quality of a journalist. And he leaves her with the advice to quit now.

She becomes heartbroken from hearing this and she drops out of Yale. And maybe her reaction to this proves that the boyfriend’s father was right about her. Rory was always handed everything in life. She definitely worked hard academically, but it was her grandfather that helped her get into Yale. And we never really see her struggling to make something of herself. Even hearing for the first time that she’s not good at something, she becomes terribly distraught. How is she going to succeed in life if she can’t take constructive criticism?

I used to be just like her. I felt like I was handed everything in life and I never had to experience immense, hard work. After moving out on my own though, I experienced every hardship life can throw at you. I had to work day in and day out to pay bills. And I was never handed anything after that. I think it taught me that being handed everything in life is a curse. And it will always keep you relying on somebody else. That’s why, for the past year, I’ve been relying more on myself. I’m not a superwoman, but I try my best. And the results have been life changing.

I want to add in that Rory, later in life, doesn’t achieve her dream of being a journalist/reporter. She doesn’t achieve much of anything actually. She becomes broke with no car, no house, and no husband. The girl that was sheltered all her life never amounted to anything extraordinary. There’s a lesson to be learned here. I love watching Gilmore Girls and I don’t hate Rory’s character, but I wish she would have proved her boyfriend’s father wrong. Instead, she ran away and quit.

About me

Hi, it’s been awhile since i’ve done an introduction to myself. My name is Lia and i’ve been blogging for a little under a year. I am a piano teacher and i’m studying for graduate school. A lot of my content revolves around teaching and how to help other teachers. You can find that content on my main blog: Pocketfuloflearning.org and my other motivation blog Livestrongandbeautiful.wordpress.com

I’ve fallen in love with blogging and that’s why I own three blogs. They have tons of great content on there that i’m very proud of 🙂 I hope to continue to provide great content that will help other bloggers and readers achieve their goals.

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What it’s like being a WordPress premium user

I’ve updated my other two blogs on this, but I haven’t updated this blog yet. I’m finally a WordPress premium member for my blog Pocketfuloflearning.org And I am beyond stoked for this new chapter in my life. I’ve been looking forward to taking my blog to the next level, so this has been a long time coming.

Blogging has become a great source of happiness for me. I’m so happy to share my thoughts with you guys and I’m glad that so many people enjoy reading what I write. I’m really hoping to continue posting content I enjoy writing and to also continue reading the amazing blog posts everyone posts.

I would like to thank my amazing boyfriend and my best friend for giving me the final nudge in the right direction. I can feel my future starting to form and my dream of becoming a mommy blogger is starting to become true. Thank you to my followers. I couldn’t have gotten to this stage without you. And thank you so much for liking my posts. It motivates me to continue to inspire people to follow their path.

Please continue to like and support, thank you so much 🙏

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My Every Day Life

I’m the kind of person that has to start my day by getting things done. I start cleaning my room and I automatically feel like my day is off to a good start. I know not everyone is like me and can do the same, but my boyfriend and I live a very fast-paced life. We are always on the go and doing things. And I think that this has translated into what I do every day. And sometimes, I wonder if I am going too fast. I don’t want to zoom past my life and wake up to be amazed at where I am. I don’t want to miss the small things in my life. And for the past year, I feel like I have done that. I can’t remember great memories or moments that made me very happy. I can’t remember the small details of what made 2018 so great for me. I just can’t. And that makes me very sad.

I want this blog to capture the small moments in my life. I want this blog to show my thoughts at that time and I want to be able to capture more moments of my life. I’m 25 now and I am starting to be afraid of getting older. I don’t want to miss a thing. Life is wayyyy too fast and if we don’t slow down, we might regret it later on.

Redesign for Bloggingbranding Course

I decided to take the second step and redesign this blog to match the purpose and style I’m looking for. Cleverly begun is supposed to be about every topic covered. It’s also supposed to be about life and its purpose is to show how far I’ve grown. Have you watched boys meet world? 🌍 It’s just like that. This blog is about my life and I want it to be done in a simple, but “clever” way. I’m very happen with this new design and I hope you like it!

Day One: Set Three Goals

I’m starting the Blogging Branding and Growth course to try it out. I think it’s going to be helpful to learn something new about blogging. I’m not entirely new to blogging though. I have two other blogs here and here. I’ve been posting on all three of my blogs, but I stopped blogging for a couple of months. I’m hoping to have a fresh start on blogging because I love it. My goals for this blog are to:

1. Reach 300 followers by the end of this year

2. Get to 40 views per day

3. Surpass 100 blog posts 💯

Purse Must Haves

I’m the typical woman. I have to have everything I can possibly need in my purse. I carry so many things that everyone complains that my bag is so heavy. My students even know that I carry a lot of things. And I see their curious eyes peeking to see what’s in my purse. For me, my purse doubles as a personal bag and a work bag. I use it for both purposes.

The items in my purse are:

1. Hand sanitizer

2. Tissues

3. Wallet

4. Face wipes

5. Water bottle

6. Phone

7. Stickers for teaching

8. Pencil bag for teaching

9. Paper clips for teaching

10. Erasers for teaching

11. Keys

12. Pepper spray

13. Lucky charm

14. Sunglasses

15. Eyeglass case

16. And many more I can’t think of right now

Do you have these many things in your purse? Am I crazy to carry this much stuff? I have smaller purses, but I’m always on the go. I stay out for five to seven hours each day. And I need my stuff with me. If there’s anything missing on my list, let me know. And hopefully, I helped you get some ideas for what to put in your purse!

Get to Know Me Tag

Here are some questions I found to be interesting. If you are a new follower, this is a great chance to learn more about me 🙂

  1. Are you named after anyone? No, but all two of my siblings and I have only three letters in our names
  2. When was the last time you cried? Two days ago
  3. Do you have kids? If no, how many do you want? I don’t have kids, but I want three 🙂
  4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? Yes
  5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Kind of. It depends on the situation
  6. What’s the first thing you notice about people? Their face
  7. What is your eye color? Dark brown
  8. Scary movie or happy endings? Definitely happy endings! No pun intended lol
  9. Favorite smells? Lavender
  10. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? I was in Taiwan
  11. Do you have any special talents? I play the piano and the double bass!
  12. Where were you born? Las Vegas, Nevada
  13. What’s your zodiac sign? Do you believe in it? Virgo and yes I do
  14. What are your hobbies? I love blogging and watching Netflix. I also play the piano when I’m bored
  15. Do you have any pets? Yes, I have a yorkie and a mini schnauzer
  16. Do you have any siblings? I have two older sisters
  17. What do you want to be when you grow up? Both a blogger and an attorney
  18. Who was your first best friend? Samantha
  19. How tall are you? 5’2 🤣
  20. What is the least favourite thing about yourself? I like that I’m funny

If you want to tag yourself, let me know!